Image of Magic Pendulum Necklace

Magic Pendulum Necklace


Quartz Crystal Pendulum Necklace, with detachable 'Blessed Be' charm, a well-wishing Wiccan phrase meaning be blessed.

Super long length 34" chain in silver plate.

Each necklace comes with a storage pouch and a pendulum dowsing mat, so you can ask your crystal questions.

People who use a pendulum believe that the answer to every question an individual may ever ask is already in their subconscious mind. They believe that a pendulum can be used to form a link with this information on a very subtle level. The information a pendulum gives us, usually in the form of 'yes' or 'no' answers - locating weaknesses or strengths within the human aura and helping us to make decisions.

Pendulum dowsing is for fun and shouldn't be used to make serious decisions.